“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

How you think and what you do as a real estate agent on a day to day basis is what defines you. Yes, there are good days and bad days; after all, we are human.  Yet, as we enter the fourth quarter and end of 2019, now is a great time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.  Did you reach your goals or exceed them?  If not, let’s evaluate how creating a new mindset can propel you positively, beginning today!

Whether you are a new real estate agent or an established pro, mindset applies to everyone. Are you open to pursuing a new, strategic and energizing belief system? Following these steps can catapult you to a new level of success in business for 2020.

1. Think like an entrepreneur — not an employee.

How you think and behave is completely different when you are an entrepreneur vs. an employee. Many real estate agents entered the field after leaving the corporate world. Whether you were in sales or not, one thing you could count on was a steady paycheck. Many new real estate agents think that if they could generate a good income with their previous company, then those skills will transfer directly to the real estate business. It doesn’t always work that way.

To create a successful business as a real estate agent, top agents have developed systems and “growth mindsets.”

Here are several that the top real estate coaches teach on creating successful habits

  • Create your goals for 2020
  • Create daily, weekly and monthly goals
  • Be held accountable for those goals. Find a mentor, coach or mastermind group.
  • Give yourself time to learn rather than expect success immediately.

This is a great book. Check it out: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki

2. Work with a company that supports your goals and success

Choosing which company to partner with can be one of your most critical decisions. Interview with several companies before you choose which one to join.  Find out what they offer you in terms of technology, tools, and training.

  • Calculate how much it will cost you to be a part of the company.
  • Do they offer one on one training and mentoring?
  • Choose a company that is aligned with your values. Choose a broker or team leader who is aligned with your values, as that is the person you will call when you have questions or need help.

3. Let people know You Are in Real Estate — Don’t Be A Secret Agent

How do people know that you are in real estate? Some of the most successful real estate agents do the following:

  • Wear their name badge from their company every day. (Make sure it is large enough to be visible.) It is a conversation-opening opportunity.
  • Wear a shirt that lets people know that you work in real estate.
  • Get a magnet that has your name, brokerage name and slogan (if you have one) for your car.

Check Out: The Millionaire Real estate agent By Gary Keller

4. Make Lots of Mistakes and Don’t Take It Personally

The world of real estate is anything but boring, and things happen that can easily throw you off course. One thing about real estate is certain: no two days are the same. It is an ever-changing, exciting business.  Some agents want to be perfect before they move forward, so they take course after course and never end up taking the ball and running with it. Why? Many times, it is because of the perfection syndrome.

Perfection can get in the way of doing. To be the best at any profession takes time, commitment and action. Make lots of mistakes, learn from them and keep moving forward.

  • Be who you are. If you are a new real estate agent, that is ok. Many people love to give newbies an opportunity.
  • Be willing to be uncomfortable. Remember, success happens in steps.
  • Don’t get offended if you get fired from working with a buyer or seller. It happens.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror every day, smile, and show gratitude for all that is good in your life.

Check out: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

5. Embrace Change

Life is moving at such a fast pace. What was once considered a technological breakthrough can be obsolete in a short time. Remember, the “old days” is an adage. To be successful and constantly growing here are some suggestions:

  • Let Go of The Old – Change can be good! Remember the VCR and the first cell phones? We have come a long way. To be forward and live powerfully, look towards the future on a daily basis.
  • Anticipate Change Before It Happens When You Can- Learn your market so you can begin to see the signs of a rising or falling real estate market and adjust your business accordingly.

6. Don’t Let Anything Stop You

Anything and everything can stop you when you have your own business. On a daily basis, you may receive calls from family, friends or clients that move you off track.   Or perhaps you experienced the last market bubble. It was a tough time for many. Learn from it all and keep moving forward.

Can you shrug off negativity or does it stop you?

  • Keep your eyes on your vision
  • Believe in yourself
  • Surround yourself with positive people

Some offices have set up networking and mastermind groups to keep each other focused and positive.

Check out: The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents by Hal Elrod

The biggest thing I can say to you today is, Think Big AND Believe in Yourself No Matter What! Our past is what brings us here today. Learn and create from anew every day when you awaken.  How we think is our choice.Now go and sell some Real Estate!

Written for Form Simplicity by Janice Zaltman, a Realtor, LEED AP, Marketing Coach and Writer with more than 20 years of experience in the sales, marketing and media fields.

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